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what is RFID


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is effective automated object identification and data capture via radio frequency technology, typically using frequencies at 125 kHz (Low Frequency), 13.56 MHz (High Frequency) or 800-900MHz (Ultra High Frequency).  An RFID system consists of two main elements – a tag (chip with antenna) and a reader that communicate through radio transmission.  Any information stored on the tag is transmitted via radiowaves to an RFID reader over a distance of a few meters. 
This information is then integrated into the enterprise computer systems.

RFID has been in existence for more than 40 years where it has been used extensively in applications such as access control, automotive immobilization devices, industrial laundry, toll gates, and animal tracking. In recent years, the momentum and adoption of the technology in more mainstream industries such as the retail supply chain and pharmaceutical industries has increased exponentially as a result of overcoming technical constraints, reducing costs, and the issuing of powerful mandates by major stakeholders such as Walmart, US Department of Defense, and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). 


The greatest benefits of RFID include:
- substantial operational and financial gains due to absolute visibility and accountability at every point in the business process
- improved and optimized speed and reliability of the business processes
- enhanced security, and reduced theft, fraud and counterfeiting
- real time information flow and data integrity
- comprehensive asset management
- inventory control and distribution
- product availability
- productivity gains in distribution and receiving
- reduced inventory losses and write-offs
- labor cost reductions
- item level RFID tagging
- reduced administrative errors
- market intelligence and brand protection

Contribution revenue of these parameters is significant and reflects the high yield potential of the technology




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