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White Paper: RFID Solutions for the Upstream Oil & Gas Supply Chain


White Paper: Implementing Wireless & RFID Technology in the Oil Field - A cost saving decision in times of economic downturn


White Paper: Radio Frequency Identification In Maintenance, Repair and Operation of Flange Based Pressurized Systems


White Paper: An Introduction To Successful Deployment of Radio Frequency Identification in the Petroleum Industry


A Business Case for RFID in the Oil & Gas Industry


First  introductory  level  lecture  to  students  at  KFUPM  on RFID  technology


An Analysis of Active RFID for Asset Tracking

RF Code White Paper - January 2010


Description of RFID Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology uses radio waves to identify objects. A radio transmitter is attached to the object to be identified. A radio receiver decodes and reports the tag transmissions, over wired or wireless networks, to a software application.



RF Code White Paper


Lecture 10 - RFID 2007

What is RFID?


• RFID is a technology that uses radio-frequency waves to transfer data between a reader and a movable item to identify, categorize, track...
• RFID is fast, reliable, and does not require physical sight or contact between reader/scanner and the tagged item



Lecture10 - rfid


KFUPM Smart Campus and the Role of RFID in Academia



Radio frequency identification (RFID) is revolutionizing the way organizations around the world track the location and movement of goods and assets. RFID technology utilizes inexpensive wireless RFID chips or tags that report their location to nearby scanners.
Items with RFID tags can be tracked from a supplier’s factory floor to the retailer’s store shelves. In contrast, contactless smart cards utilize RFID technology for identifying people as well as for performing financial transactions. KFUPM is one of the few universities in the region to establish a smart campus for controlling access to its premises using RFID technology. KFUPM also established a new smart card & RFID lab to spread the RFID know how among its students and the community as well as offering consultancy to local industry. The paper gives introduction to RFID technology in addition to throwing light on the KFUPM smart campus.



KFUPM Smart Campus and the Role of RFID in Academia


RFID Asset trail - Healthcare Active solution

Company Brief Introduction


A joint venture agreement between Krimmley group and JAYED Group resulted in spinning off DEPCO systems from Krimmley group in 2005.

Krimmley Group is a 42 year Old Saudi company specialized in Telecommunication & infrastructure projects
JAYED Group is a 35 year Old Lebanese company specialized in Consultation & Governmental projects for the Middle East
800 employees distributed around the Kingdom
Second Governmental classifications in Telecommunications project. (2 out of 5).
Agencies & representations from numerous multinational IT & Telecommunication vendors
Supplied & Deployed a TETRA systems and various IT systems, (GIS, AVL, VoIP, etc.) for the Lebanese government.



RFID Asset trail - Healthcare Active solution




RFID is our core business

Dedicate team of engineers for our RFID product.

RFID industry certified engineers.

Partners with several RFID manufacturers (tags & readers)

Partners with several RFID engine providers.

Level I,II & III local support.

Turnkey customized solutions



RFID Asset trail - Active tracking


RFID vs Barcode

RFID Is To Bar Code As Cellular Is To Phone Booth




What was wrong with barcodes that Wal*Mart has placed the burden of new expense and complication
into the midst of regular production woes? The answer to this can be found by looking into the past and
the future.



RFID vs Barcode


Real time locating systems (RTLS)


Real Time Locating Systems are used to track and identify the real time location of specific objects using simple tags attached to objects and readers that receive the signals from these tags carrying their unique IDs to determine their locations. RFID Radio Frequency Identification and Wi-Fi RTLS has always been linked together, however RFID led and its popularity increased over Wi-Fi due to many factors. The fact that Wi-Fi networks were not designed for RTLS influenced these factors.





Jade Jewellery


Saudi Arabia’s luxury retailer Jade Jewellery implements Motorola’s RFID technology to improve inventory management and security


“Since implementing Motorola’s RFID solutions in January 2008, there have been no internal thefts, providing Jade Jewellery with an ROI of approximately 400%. Prior to implementing DEPCO Systems’ RFID solution, missing items would go unnoticed until a month or two later. Periodic inventory done manually usually took 2-3 working days to audit all stores, costing valuable company time and resources. With the new RFID system, it takes about 10 minutes to audit the entire stock.?

Mrs. Sukaina H. Mackie, Owner, Jade Jewellery



Jade Jewellery





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