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Catina Aghayan, Qatar Post Quality & Development Consultant




19 April 2009

Press Release


We are pleased to announce the official launch of Middle East Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Association in the Middle East. The non-profit organization will provide assistance in promoting and implementing RFID technology in the region, stated Ms. Aghayan, MERFIDA President. Late 2008 and during the Arab RFID 2008 Conference held in Dubai, the “Middle East RFID Association” an affiliate of the International RFID Business Association (RFIDba) was established, This Middle East, educational, vendor-neutral, not-for-profit organisation, will provide assistance in standardising, educating, and promoting the use of RFID technology in the Arab world and Greater Middle East.

“After many months of planning, I am pleased to announce the founding of a much waited and needed educational association to serve the RFID and industrial user community in the Middle East region, which is obviously growing and adopting RFID and wireless technologies at a rapid pace” says Mr. Harry P. Pappas, Founder, President and CEO of the International RFID Business Association.

Pappas adds: “With the creation of the Middle East RFID Association, this now gives the RFIDba presence in all regions of the world to help deliver its educational message and programs. I am also pleased to be working with an outstanding, elected, management team who will collaborate with me to manage and operate the ME RFID Association – MERFIDA. Furthermore, congratulations are in order for Ms. Catina G. Aghayan, the Quality & Development Expert for the Qatar Q-Post General Postal Corporation who was elected President of the Middle East RFID Association by a unanimous vote of more than 20 RFID professionals from various Arab European, American countries at the organisational meeting.”

A group of dedicated professionals from various sectors, public and private, were honoured as “Founding Members” – group members to represent the Middle East countries. The Middle East RFID Association will provide guidance on usage of RFID applications, references, standards, and links to educational materials. The association will also assist interested individuals by providing advice on developing RFID feasibility studies, guidelines and international standards compliance procedures. Additional information regarding the Middle East RFID Association is available on the newly launched website / Membership is open to all professional members of academia, technology, solution providers, and existing and future users of RFID technology.

“I am very honoured to be nominated the president and honoured to work on this unique initiative in the region. Stated the President Ms. Catina I am keen that with such a distinguished group of professionals and experts from all over the world representing various educational, private and public sectors, the “Middle East RFID Association” is going definitely to contribute tremendously to the RFID industry and all other industries throughout the world.”



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