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Catina Aghayan, Qatar Post Quality & Development Consultant




March 10 and 11, 2009 (Co-located with FOSE)

RFID in Healthcare Consortium Presentation: Challenges & Rewards of Wireless Technology in Health Care



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for CHALLENGES & REWARDS OF WIRELESS IN HEALTH CARE SYMPOSIUM March 11. Build your attendees profile through the FOSE site.

Rates Includes access to the FOSE expo.: $295.00 government and contractors $495.00 all others

For the sister, by-invitation-only event, HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY STAKEHOLDERS WORKSHOP March 10, 2009, please contact Emily Sopensky

Both the Symposium and Workshop afford you the opportunity to participate in a dialog discussing the future of wireless in healthcare delivery and management.

Both events are hosted by The RFID in Healthcare Consortium (, an affiliate of the non-profit RFID Educational Foundation, Inc.



Challenges & Rewards of Wireless in Health Care

The Symposium is a convergence event for all interested parties to participate in dialog and address questions such as:

  • What is working now (applications, standards, regulations, technology)?
  • What does not work (what laws, business processes, technology, curriculum need to be developed)?
  • Where are the gaping "holes"? How do we develop cross-silo thinking?
  • Is there a roadmap in need of being actualized?
  • What is needed for safe, secure, and reliable deployment?

The Symposium offers presentations on successful use of RFID, Sensors, and Wireless technologies in health care. Through Case Studies, Panels, and Roundtables, learn how to answer the questions and address issues that are relevant to the industry and its use of Wireless, RFID, and sensors, technologies in a healthcare setting. The Program Committee is diverse and experienced

Register for FOSE and choose The Challenges & Rewards of Wireless Technology in Health Care to gain access to the symposium.

Rates: $295.00 for government and contractors and $495.00 for others.

Join your peers in hospitals, healthcare delivery specialists as well as FDA, NIST, FCC, DoD and other government representatives for an educational, informative Symposium. Featured presentations explain how use of these technologies along with interactive roundtables, and panel discussions featuring healthcare and technology industry leaders and visionaries. Contact Harry P. Pappas at, 610-357-0990.

The Issues

Healthcare and medicine are surrounded by electronics. RFID, Sensors, and Wireless devices deliver services quickly while capturing real-time data, improving patient safety, and reducing operating expenses. Yet, oversight and understanding of these wireless devices is fragmented. Standards bodies, government agencies, practitioners, patients, users, and vendors are restricted by mission and interest to only subsets of the big picture, benefits and problems that wireless devices in healthcare delivery may present.

Technology users and industry providers benefit from open discourse. The healthcare industry and wireless technology interests do share stakeholders in medical devices, information technology, telecommunications, and cellular telephony to mention a few. Dialog is essential to laying out a joint road map.


Symposium Program Committee
Peter Abell, Visible Assets
Donna Baer, Mt. Sinai Hospital (NYC)
Ken Baker, NewAge® Industries
Brian Beard, FDA
James Fonger, MD, Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Paul Frisch, Memorial Sloan Kettering
Rick Hampton, Partners Healthcare
Art Koblasz, PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology
Tom Lippert, US Navy
William Maisel, MD, Beth Israel Deaconess
Harry P. Pappas, RFID in Healthcare Consortium
Paul Rudolph, MD, JD, Arnold & Porter LLP
Elliot Sloane, PhD, Villanova U
Emily Sopensky, RFID in Healthcare Consortium


March 10, 2009

This is the third Workshop in a series designed to collectively determine how to use wireless technology to improve the safe and effective delivery and management of health care.

To provide clarity and freedom of expression, the workshop is by-invitation-only. To register and for more information, email Emily Sopensky at






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