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Over the last six months, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the top RFID professionals in the Arab RFID community who have helped  me in planning and organizing the formation of the Middle East RFID Association (MERFIDA). These RFID leaders saw the need for high quality, education and training programs in the Middle East for this exciting technology and its many applications in this region.


I am pleased to announce that this regional group, The Middle East RFID Association, is now officially established as an affiliate of our ever growing, parent organization: The International RFID Business Association. The MERFIDA, itself is also established as a NOT for profit, vendor neutral, educational organization to serve the needs of the end user community in the Arab states.


Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to all of our new members and friends in the Middle East region.


It is important to note the high caliber, professional, RFID practitioners, who have been elected as part of the initial management team for the Middle East RFID Association. These volunteers are industry leaders and are “hands-on? people who are currently working with RFID implementation projects and recognize the value of such an organization. this association and how it can technology and how it can be applied to business, government, and industry in the Middle East. But they also acknowledge the need to provide vendor neutral, educational programs to the business community in this region.


It also gives me great pleasure to welcome and thank the members of the Advisory Board, who are International RFID leaders and subject matter experts.


I congratulate Catina Aghayan, of Qatar, who was elected as President and COO of this new organization and wish her and her fine management team good luck in the coming year as we launch the Middle East RFID Association for the good of all people and countries in the Middle East.


I will be here to guide and support this new group in the Middle East as we grow the use of RFID technologies in this part of the world. 


Congratulations to all,


Harry P. Pappas

Middle East RFID Association




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