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Educational Services

The MERFIDA will educate the RFID community, with a variety ofprograms, aimed at both solution providers and end-users. Through these educational services the MERFIDA will provide “Lessons Learned” and “Best Practices” information to the RFID community through its programs, trade shows, webinars, seminars and hands on workshops with the needs of the end user community in mind. The educational services will evolve to meet the needs of its members.

Educational Knowledge & Vendor DatabaseThe MERFIDA is the RFID implementer’s premier source for technical information, applications and solutions information, as well as a source for approved, experienced, professional consultants, system integrators, tag manufacturers, hardware manufacturers, wireless experts, and software vendors who have a common goal to service the needs of the end user community.




Worldwide Seminars, Road shows & Trade Shows -coming soon.
In order to help educate the end users and to assist in the growth of the Regional and Global RFID industry, it is the intent of The MERFIDA to develop industry trade shows, webinars, seminars, and workshops in many regions of the world. This will be accomplished in a gradual, phased in approach, with selected strategic partners who are already experienced invarious regions of the world orin specific vertical markets. Some MERFIDA trade shows will be Mobile RFID Pavilions, which may be co-located with existing, successful, vertical industry trade shows. Other events may be totally new ventures developed by the MERFIDA and its strategic partners to fill a need in different parts of the world.


Regional Association Meetings


Regional Association MeetingsThe MERFIDA will give its members the opportunity to attend official and un-official meetings of the association at various trade shows and seminars around the world that the MERFIDA may sponsor or support. These events serve two functions:

As opportunities for members to learn the latest developments in RFID, and
Creating a forum for members to network and develop business relationships to help grow their respective RFID business.


Marketing & Advertising Discounts


DiscountsThe MERFIDA will provide its members with marketing and advertising opportunities through its various programs, including but not limited to:discounts on sponsorship of webinars, seminars, trade shows, publications, Buyer’s Guide, and other services as they are introduced to the membership.


Job Database


The MERFIDA will give every RFID experienced or interested person the opportunity to place his/ her resume on our website. Only Industry Members will have access to the contact details and also be able to place job vacancies.



Market & Overview Guides


The MERFIDAis an NGO established to become the source for timely and accurate RFID information regarding both active and passive systems, to members of the end user community who are looking to implement this technology in their respective industries. Market & Overview guides will be produced and made available as the needs of the MERFIDA members are defined.


Standardization Support


The MERFIDAis not a standards body.
However, the MERFIDA does support all standards development organizations by giving RFID technology users and providers a forum to discuss applications of the technology which are still too immature to be the object of standardization efforts. The MERFIDA also provides another resource to companies and individuals who are looking to buy or sell standards-based systems and wish to understand the technology as it relates to multiple vertical markets, many of which have already adopted RFID technologies and are looking for practical ways to migrate into new standards paradigm.

The MERFIDA works with all organizations who are vendor neutral and have as a goal the continued development of the RFID industry and providing the end user community with educational information.




Articles, White Papers, Lessons Learned, etc.
“The Business of RFID Worldwide” is based on providing the MERFIDA members with educational programs and information. Therefore the MERFIDA will always be the conduit for the dissemination of many types of educational information to its members providing it is accurate, timely, vendor neutral, and didactic in nature. The MERFIDAand its Educational Team will accept, review, and publish information that is important for the end user community and the RFID industry on its web site and in its publications.


Educational Discounts

The MERFIDA will give discounts to its members on MERFIDA sponsored seminars, workshops, webinars, books and other RFID educational material andwill partner with other organizations to provide discounts for education outside of the MERFIDA


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